Nail polish trends for summer: neutral colours and black!

”The new polishes for the upcoming season are super chic. Update your nail polish with my trend report. And give your nails same as the correct form. They are short and groomed or super long and sexy.”

Nude nails:
Extremely natural manicured nails were ‘all over’ on the catwalks. From Dior to Dolce & Gabbana, Emanuel Ungaro to Versace. The colors are not only nude but also often transparent so that the white moon of your nails can still be seen.

Cream Shades:
Also soft pastels do well this summer. Baby pink, yellow and mint green (think ice cream colors). Gloss can only mat is so trendy.

Bright red and juicy orange:
Color remains always. The fluorescent mania of a few summers ago has passed, but bright red, fuchsia and juicy orange (in line with the orange lipstick for summer 2014) remain top.

Black is back:
Black nail polish is back in the picture. Chanel chose and thus we actually said anything. Also on the catwalk at Giorgio Armani we saw dark nail polish. The Italian maestro chose black with purple gloss.

French manicure with black accent:
You can nail lacquers classic black, but you can also play with black accents. Combine the neutral nail polish colors, but even with a black moon and you have the latest French manicure trend. Vary also agree on the issue by shifting. Black accent to the center of your nails If you keep a neutral base substrate.

The shapes ? Soft square elegance or super long with a nod to the 70s:
For the shape of your nails have this summer the choice between two extremes . On the one hand, the soft elegance square ‘style very popular. The nails are in this case not longer than the fingertip, and have a relatively straight form. On the other hand, we also see super long nails with warm almond shape. This form is reminiscent of the ’70s and is back in fashion thanks to trendsetter Lana del Re. Dsquared2 in Milan picked up the same trend for the fashion show and let a team hang around nail artists backstage crowded with super long fake nails went in Frost Pink color in the back.

Love, Amy

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